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The Foundation of Parenting

June 21, 2020 Speaker: Dr. Rick Gregory Series: Father's Day

Topic: Parenting Verse: Genesis 2:18–2:25

Theme: Being a good father depends on being a good husband. 

Introduction: On this Father’s Day, it would be helpful for us to recall the foundation for fatherhood – the role that men have in the home beginning with the role of a husband. It is when being a husband is taken seriously that a man has the capacity, perspective, and inclination to apply himself at being a good father. Godly Fathers are men who cause their children to see God has a worthy Master who is served regardless of the ease of effort of difficulty of the circumstances.  

I. Eliminate the Loneliness of Your Spouse – 2:18-22

A. The Diagnosis of the Need – v. 18 

  • This is not seen as a defect in Adam, but that he was incomplete – “It is not good for the man to be alone …”
  • The word “alone” [לְבַדֹּ֑ו] – carries with it the idea of being separated from another; or by itself; isolated.
  • Notice that God has a perception of our needs before we do.

B. The Demonstration of the Need – vv. 19-20.

  • God now uses a devise to demonstrate Adam’s need to Adam – “… and brought them to the man …”
  • Involved in naming the creatures was scrutiny of their character and natures – see. v. 20.
  • After inspecting the animals, Adam’s loneliness was clear – “… but for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him.”

C. The Deliverance from the Need – vv. 21-22

  • God presumably told Adam what He was going to do for him.
  • God “built” woman and “brought” her to Adam – indicating great care.
  • Thus, God’s intention is for marriage to be a relationship wherein both parties seek to prevent the loneliness of the other.

II. Esteem Your Spouse as a Gift from God – 2:23

A. His Attitude Reveals Esteem

  • Adam literally says “now at length” – “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh …”
  • He was as thrilled as he could be for God’s gift.
  • He perceives her as the apex of God’s creation.

B. His Assessment Reveals Esteem

  • He recognizes kinship with her – what was not available in his previous search – vv. 19-20.
  • His “naming” of her identifies his value of her – “she shall be called Woman …” – “ish/isha” which acknowledges her equality with him – “… because she was taken out of Man.”

III. Exalt the Commitment to Your Spouse – 2:24-25

A. It Is Exalted thru Exclusivity – v. 24a

  • “a man shall leave his father and mother” – a spouse is to possess the most prized status – with no competition from even most revered family members.
  • This term “leave” [עָזַב] – has a variety of meanings from simple departure or leaving to abandoning, deserting or forsaking.
  • This has to be a deliberately maintained effort.

B. It Is Exalted thru Permanence – v. 24b

  • “… and be joined to his wife” – lit. “to be glued; or cling”
  • Swindoll quotes Churchill in S.O.M. – “Wars are not won by evacuations” – cp. Mark 10:6-9.

C. It Is Exalted thru Intimacy – vv. 24c-25

  • “… and they shall become one flesh” - is what God does – cp. Mark 10:9.
  • They were together with no embarrassment or shame.
  • Only after this, does God provide them the instruction to have children, which are object lessons of the “one flesh” nature of their relationship – cp. Genesis 1:28.