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Practice These Things

March 11, 2018 Speaker: Mark Hardy Series: Special Services

Topic: The Christian Walk Verse: Philippians 4:9–4:9

Practice These Things

-Philippians 4:9


I.  The Priority of Practice





II.  The Prerequisite to Practice




III.  The Pattern of Paul




IV.  The Promise of His Presence




Questions for Discussion and Application

*Why do we so often “learn and receive” without putting our knowledge into practice?  What can you specifically do to make sure that you “practice these things”?


*Do you think of yourself as someone who can say to other Christians, “practice the things that you see in me”?  Why or why not?   


* Philippians 4 is a good reminder of the need to have a balanced Christian walk, which is vibrant both internally and externally.  A good way to represent this is the head-heart-hands model.

Head – We must know God and His Word, striving to know Him more.

Heart – We must love God, delighting in Him and His ways.

Hands – We must serve God, obeying His commands and ministering in His name.

*Examine yourself – In which of these areas do you see strength and growth?  In what area(s) do you tend to struggle?  What changes can you make to strengthen all three?

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