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The Fruits of Repentance part 2

October 15, 2017 Speaker: Dr. Rick Gregory Series:

Topic: Repentance Verse: Luke 3:7–3:14


Luke 3:7-14

Theme: Genuine repentance produces evidences that are life-changing.


I. Flee from God’s Wrath – 3:7, 9

A. The Reaction to God’s Wrath – v. 7

  • As we saw last time, both Jesus and John’s message was the same – “repent!”
  • This was a message of hope that if any sinner is willing to address the issue of their sin by repenting before God that they will find the full forgiveness of sin – cp. v. 3; John 3:17.
  • John then quotes the passage from Isaiah that calls for people to be willing to do radical things to ready themselves to be in the presence of the Messiah.
  • As a result, “crowds … were going out to be baptized by him …”
  1. The word “crowds” [ὄχλος] – conveys a large number of people gathering together; a horde.
  2. We are told that “all the county of Judea was going out to him, and all the people of Jerusalem” – cp. Mark 1:5.
  • But John was not interested in a crowd – he was interested in the power of God’s grace and in true conversion in the lives of individuals.
  • As a result, he responds to them very confrontationally – “So he began saying to the crowds … ‘You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?’”
  • These people were not really fleeing God’s wrath – but they should have been; that should have been the motive for which they were coming out to be baptized, as a means to deal with their sin that would bring them judgment.
  • Because of the way that John confronts them, it demonstrates that they were not interested in dealing with their sin – they thought that they were fine and were simply adding an additional act of righteousness to their long list of personal accomplishments.
  • They were not interested in changing – but merely insuring their safety.
  • As a result, they remind John of a “brood of vipers” who quickly slither toward water to protect themselves from a fire.
  1. “brood” [γέννημα] – refers to that which is produced or born; offspring (carrying the notion that they were of their father the devil – the old serpent).
  2. “vipers” [

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