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Why Should I Participate in Community Group?

Rick BlogNo believer will thrive spiritually without the stimulation of accountable relationships with people who truly know them.

Believers are meant to exist within the context of caring, nurturing, interpersonal relationships with other believers. Through this environment, believers are able to grow in grace through studying God’s Word, laboring in prayer, exercising spiritual gifts, praising the Savior and submitting to spiritual leadership. No believer will thrive spiritually without the stimulation of accountable relationships with people who truly know them — their joys & struggles, strengths & weaknesses, victories & defeats, needs & gifts. Far too commonly, believers have meandered through their spiritual lives without true spiritual vitality and health. Community groups are a major part of a person prospering spiritually.

We are all commanded by the Savior to be involved in helping others “observe all that [He] commanded” (Matthew 28:20). We cannot do this in isolation! It requires that we are in thriving relationships where one life is able to interact and vitalize another. In these kinds of relationships, the “one-anothers” commanded in Scripture are facilitated. Grace and forgiveness are able to be experienced with greater clarity and frequency when we are in relationships with other believers who love us and desire to help us thrive spiritually. 

In a community group, each believer is vitally important. It is a dynamic, interpersonal, spiritually uplifting, edifying environment in which thriving spiritually is a great priority. When the “light” of the Gospel begins to wane, other members of the group are there to stir the flame of passion for Christ. The Word of God is able to be discussed and applied with consistency and focus. True partnerships in praying for one another are established and maintained. Being involved in a smaller gathering of believers allows believers to exercise their spiritual gifts between people who truly know each other. It helps eliminate the loneliness and isolation into which believers can settle unwittingly.

If you are involved in a community group, I know you have found these things of great importance in your spiritual vitality. If you are not in a community group, I want to strongly urge you to try one out. This fall, why not try a 90 day “experiment” and get involved in a community group? I believe that such great encouragement and spiritual growth will be experienced that it will transition from an “experiment” to a culture that you decide you cannot live without!! I dare you to use community group to fulfill your calling as a believer!!