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Deacon Enthusiasm

Rick BlogLast night the GBC elders had the joy of meeting together with the deacons for dinner and fellowship.

It was a great time of unity and blessing. I walked in with dinner for everybody almost unnoticed as men were busy talking, sharing, and laughing together. I was struck by the joy of having 19 deacons, 10 elders, and 2 pastoral staff members (31 men in all) who were of one mind and heart! What a blessing it is to be the pastor of such a group of men. After dinner, our elders’ chairman stood and led in a devotional from Philippians 3 on the importance of pressing on to greater conformity to Christ Jesus and how we need to help each other do this. Various men shared about other men here at GBC who were pouring into their lives and into whose lives they were also able to invest. It was a huge blessing to listen to men share their gratitude of how God is working among the saints here at GBC. We are knowing the goodness of the Lord indeed!

After the elders left to conduct their own elders’ meeting, the deacons met in order to get things rolling with the new deacon structure. We had a time of reports as the various committee chairman had things to share with the combined deacon board. After these reports, we divided into the various committees: facility, church services, and outreach/evangelism. These groups met in separate rooms to provide direct focus on matters pertaining to their area.

The facilities group is being coordinated by Mike Vanderlaan and includes 8 other men for a total of nine men. They attend to a diversity of needs of the congregation in maintaining and improving our facility. It also includes the ad hoc master plan committee leadership. The stewardship of our facility is a definitive priority and I look forward to seeing how this group of deacons “comes through!”

The church services group is being coordinated by Gary Grootveld and includes 5 other men for a total of six men. Their focus is on whatever is needed to conduct assemblies. It includes things such as: Ushers, Nursery, Sound Technicians, Security, Parking, and Lighting. When everything in the service runs smoothly, these are the people to thank for it!

The outreach/evangelism group is being coordinated by Tino Huggins and includes 4 other men for a total of five men. Their focus is on both world evangelization and local outreach. These men are the leaders in our mission endeavors to make disciples of every nation. From the initiatives of our missions committee to our local mall outreaches, these men are tasked with seeking to help the congregation reach out.

As these groups work together to serve the people here at GBC, may we know gratitude to them for the role they play in taking details off the hands of the elders so that they might shepherd the people here more effectively. As we work together, God is honored among our people. It is a joy to be surrounded by such men and I pray that God will use them greatly this next year. Pray for them!