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Archives for August 2017

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The Eclipse of God's Power

"Where are they who are oriented enough to warn people of the great dangers of looking upon the holiness of God without the protection of the shield of redemption found in Christ Jesus?" Last week we experienced a very notable, unmistakable demonstration of God's awesome power gaining worldwide attention. We were awed by the unique experience of the solar eclipse. Some pe...

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What Should I Watch?

Being "unaffected" by such programming actually displays that the corruptions they've already suffered are so deeply entrenched that their souls are not grieved nor are their spirits shamed by the sins they are watching. Most believers have to make decisions every day concerning what they will permit themselves to watch either on TV or in movies. Some deal with the matter...

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Why Should I Participate in Community Group?

No believer will thrive spiritually without the stimulation of accountable relationships with people who truly know them. Believers are meant to exist within the context of caring, nurturing, interpersonal relationships with other believers. Through this environment, believers are able to grow in grace through studying God's Word, laboring in prayer, exercising spiritual ...

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