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Archives for January 2017

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Right to Life

44 years ago this week, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), made one of the worst ethical, moral, and legal decisions in its history. In a series of decisions - known as both ROE and DOE - the high court determined that a woman had a constitutional right to kill a baby with whom she was pregnant. The decision has caused the killing of millions of children thr...

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God's Love

"God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you!" - such is the claim of many who seek to provide affirmation to people while assuring them that God cares about them. Many of them add the notion that "God loves you just the way you are!" I cannot accept that such statements represent accurate biblical theology. God does love us - Scripture declares this and I beli...

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"Wow! It's really coming down!" It has been a long time since Californians have witnessed rain in the amounts that have been recorded within the past week. From the blizzard conditions and the tens of feet of snow in the Sierra to the constant pounding of the rain in the valley, we have seen record amounts of rain. First the damns were opened to allow water to flow. Then ...

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Law Enforcement Appreciation

On Monday, January 9th, 2017 our Nation will observe the 2nd annual National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD). Throughout the past several years, our culture has thrown great disparagement on men and women in uniform - often seeking to vilify officers as an "enemy" who use their authority to advance an agenda of bigotry and abuse. Our media has ill-advisedly mainst...

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