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Archives for August 2016

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Looking Up

As a parent, I was regularly amused by how easily I could read my children. Their actions seemed to give evidence to their thoughts, moods, and temperaments. There were times when we had to coax them to get ready to go somewhere. Other times, they would be ready with their coats and shoes on, sitting by the front door calling on us to "come on!" Usually the coaxing had t...

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Sustainable Ministry

I run - mostly because I like to eat! Well, let's be honest - I jog! Because I have been laid up after several consecutive surgeries, I have to work harder at running - I've lost my conditioning. Running for me is a real chore. I've recently been exposed to "burst" running or "intervals." I walk to warm up, and then jog for 3 minutes, then sprint at 80% for 15 seconds foll...

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Olympic Dedication

I have been eager to find the opportunity to get involved in watching the 2016 Rio Olympics. I essentially missed the first week. I enjoy watching the competition and the excellence represented by those who compete, but especially those who win. I am amazed at the levels of coordination, skill, balance, speed, accuracy, teamwork, individual effort, and concentration that e...

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Normandy Cemetery

Today I stood amid thousands of crosses in the American Military Cemetery in Normandy, France with a deep sorrow and immense patriotic pride. Those who are buried in this cemetery are men (and a few women) who gave and lost their lives in the campaign to liberate Normandy that began on June 6, 1944 and continued for several months. D-Day (code named "Operation Overlord")...

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Refuse in Rothenburg

Over the past several days, I have enjoyed the little city of Rothenburg, Germany. It is a walled city that in many ways is a preservation of a period long ago. I stayed in a hotel that is centuries old - far older than the United States of America. The City hall (which I climbed to the top of the lookout tower to view the beauty of the city) is from the 14th century (th...

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