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Archives for July 2016

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Missionary Minded

I just returned from the annual BMW board meeting where we receive missionary candidates to go out in partnership between BMW and their own local churches. As I come back to GBC, I am reminded that our church desires to see a passionate commitment to the command of Christ that we make disciples everywhere. All of us need to see our own personal responsibility to reach ou...

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Political Convention

This week the Republican National Convention is in full swing. So many people in the United States - even worldwide - believe that the hope of this nation rests in the hands of political power and the GOP. The claim that if the Republicans don't win the Presidential Election, then hope is gone. The thought is that if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, then the LGBTQ age...

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The Cause of Terror

"Monster," "Extremist," "Jihadist," "terrorist," "hater," "racist," "insurgent," "radical," and whatever other moniker that one may select, we are all impacted by the reality of depravity finding the lack of restraint. Whether we refer to a truck driver slaying over 80 people in France, a sniper targeting a dozen officers in Texas, a gunman murdering over 50 people in Fl...

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