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Archives for October 2016

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Church Polity - Part 3

In the conclusion to our treatment of Church Polity, allow me to answer some common questions: What about Deacons? The congregation is able to be better served in some of the practical needs by an additional sphere of spiritual leadership called the "deacons" ("servants"). These are men who are selected by the congregation, but authorized by the elders to work in conjunc...

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Church Polity - Part 2

How does biblical church leadership work? The relationship between elders and flock must be one of mutual respect, love and trust. Often, instead of this approach, there is a severe lack of trust by both elders and congregation. Elders may attempt to control (lord over) the congregation because it "doesn't have the needed spiritual discernment" a policy and practice tha...

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Church Polity - Part 1

Over the years, the question of polity (form of governing) in the local church has encountered considerable theological and practical confusion. Where should authority rest? The great danger in striving to derive from Scripture the solution to this question is to strive to draw lines so clearly that inconsistent realities with one's view are negated. For instance, many wh...

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Church Membership

This coming Sunday night, the saints of GBC will be meeting at 6:00 p.m. to celebrate the wonderful gift that God has given to us through our spiritual leadership. The two affirmations that our congregation is asked to make each year include: 1) the annual budget; and, 2) the nominations for elders, deacons, and deaconesses. It is important that every member of the church...

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