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Resurrection Sunday Brunch & Worship Service

April 21, 2019

9:00am – 12:00pm

Category: Worship Services


All of history changed when Jesus rose from the dead. This Man who loved the unlovely, rebuked the religious hypocrites, and performed many astonishing miracles was crucified on a Roman cross. The Man who claimed to be God, died. His followers scattered and were frankly bewildered at what had taken place. But then, Jesus rose from the grave. He conquered sin and death. At that moment, everything changed. A dead Savior cannot save, but a living Savior who conquered death and rose from the grace, He is able to save! Join us this Easter as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and His ability to save people from their sin! We will have a special time remembering the death of Jesus on Good Friday at 7PM, and then we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ at 10:15AM on Easter Sunday.