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Becoming a Member


Becoming a Member of Grace Bible Church

Every true believer has the glorious privilege of membership in the Body of Christ! The moment he receives Christ as his personal Savior and Lord, he is baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body.  It is the direct result of the Spirit's ministry apart from any human agency or effort of the flesh.

Every believer should also become a faithful and active member of a local Church. The Lord's purpose in this present age is to build His church (Matthew 16:18). If that is His purpose, then His people will want to be involved in that work.

The Importance of Becoming a Member

Membership is a personal decision, which must be carefully made before the Lord. There are several reasons why this is so vitally important for a Christian. First of all, membership in a local church is more than just a formality. It is a public sign of his identification with that particular local church - its doctrine, philosophy, and objectives. Furthermore, it is a testimony of his commitment to faithfulness to, support of, and ministry in that local church. Finally, it is a practical means of strengthening his own life as a disciple of Christ as he places himself in a position of accountability to fellow-members of the Body and in submission to the spiritual leadership of the church.

The Implications of Becoming a Member

  1. Involved in worship, both corporately with other believers on Sunday and privately.
  2. Accountable to other Christians in an ongoing way in true biblical fellowship, willingly submitting to the loving rule of the Elders.
  3. Active in ministry serving the Body of Christ for the sake of Christ, using spiritual giftedness for the good of the rest, and giving of money and resources for the work of the Lord carried out by this local assembly.
  4. Responsible for being a witness for Jesus Christ in our communities and seeking to carry out our commission to:

Walk As Christ Walked

The Process Of Becoming A Member

  1. Carefully reading through the Governing Articles of Grace Bible Church, which includes the Statement of Faith. Also, read through the Membership Commitment Form.
  2. Completing the Membership Application form and submitting it to any of the Elders or to the Church Office.
  3. Personal visit with an Elder or Pastor to hear your testimony of salvation.
  4. Attending the six Membership Classes with Pastor Rick.
  5. Meeting with the all of the Elders to share your personal testimony of salvation and to ask any questions you may have.  At this time, the Elders may also have some questions for you to help them get to know you better.
  6. Approval of your Membership Application by the Board of Elders.
  7. Being received into membership before the congregation during a Sunday service.

If you are not a member of Grace, take some time to learn more about the Church family and ministry here. It may be that the Lord would have you join with us here as we seek to honor, obey, and serve Him!

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