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UPDATE: AWANA has now moved to Sunday Nights - 5:30-7:15 p.m.



 Dear GBC Saints:

I am writing to you today to announce a major change in the weekly schedule of Grace Bible Church. The elders have been concerned over the past several years about the busyness of the church schedule and the problem of “adding” to weekly commitments and/or obligations for the saints at GBC. The conviction that Community Groups are essential for the health of our church has caused us a level of consternation as to how we could “free” people up during the week to enable them to participate in Community Groups. 

One part of the solution is that the elders have decided to move AWANA to Sunday nights. We have been considering this option for several years. There are multiple reasons we believe that this is a wise decision for the effectiveness of our church in helping people participate in the activities that we have to offer. As brief as I can state them, they are:

  • Because we feel Community Groups are vital, freeing up mid-week enables our members to be available for Community Groups. 
  • Few people are involved in both Sunday PM Services and AWANA - thus, the conflict will be minimal.
  • Youth Group members who are conflicted between working in AWANA and youth group attendance would be free to work in AWANA on Sunday PM as youth group will continue on Wednesday evenings. 
  •  The potential exists for the attendance in Sunday PM services to increase as people who bring their children to AWANA would have the ability to attend, should they choose to do so.
  • The nursery would be available for AWANA workers and Sunday PM services at the same time, reducing the scheduling burden for the nursery on Wednesday nights.
  • The Sunday PM service will be held in the Worship Center (unused by AWANA) freeing the entire facility for AWANA's use. 
  • It would greatly simplify the church schedule.

This change will begin on September 24th which is the first night for AWANA this Fall. Please pray that this change will enable GBC to maximize the use of the Lord’s Day and encourage folks to be interested in connecting with other believers in Community Groups throughout the week. Let us watch to see how the Lord blesses this decision!

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